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Mock Website Re-Design

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

Anyone who knows me will say my biggest obsession in this world are elephants. The brilliant and caring nature of them infiltrates my life whenever it can.  In my business development class during my marketing course, we were instructed to create a role play to pitch a product to a real company of your choosing. I wanted to create a beautiful face for an organization that I had become so attached to. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) is an organization based out of Kenya that works tirelessly to Rescue, conserve and protect the wildlife and environment that span across Nairobi's Tsavo National park.  


I first Discovered the organization on Instagram, their posts contained so much life and personality, giving names and profiles to each one of the elephants (among many other species they have protected) that invoked so much Personality and joy. However, I didn't feel that their current website carried that same energy. I wanted to give life to an organization that works so hard to protect it. I designed a beautifully fluid website that allows consumers to easily connect to their cause by grabbing and holding their attention throughout the page.  The layout allows for potential donors to browse the abundance of information related to their many initiatives when it comes to the rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned elephants, the conservation of habitats and the national park, as well as their daily efforts to combat animal poaching.

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