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Faux Integrated Marketing Plan

Four20 Premium Market

Four 20 Premium Market is a Calgary based cannabis retailer that goes to great lengths to break the stigmas attached to cannabis use.  Taking an educational approach, they are working hard to spark a new culture around cannabis and elevate its current standards.


A segment of the business degree curriculum at SAIT addresses managing the day to day marketing challenges and barriers of real companies.  Four20 Premium market was enlisted by our instructor and we were tasked with fostering brand awareness with an integrated market communication plan. Due to recent legalization, this company is motivated to improve their exposure and marketing strategies while being transparent and further assist the people it serves.

Our comprehensive marketing plan included a full company background, in-depth target market research and 10 separate deliverables. Each objective is paired with a specific strategy, timeline, budget, and creative proof source.

(You can download the entire end result here).


The IMC plan revolved around a"Farm Fresh" idea emphasizing the naturalness of the product.  We mocked up a myth-busting promotional event, a strategic partnership with a local honey company, a feature on local marijuana farmers and an educational app.


We brought all of this to life in the form of various branded collateral.  This included event tickets, banners, and signage as well as product design and packaging for the cannabis-infused line.  The app interface was also designed to ensure relevant information was accessible to everyone and a thorough online catalogue of products was offered.

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Julie Gathercole 

Amber Craig


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Prototype  IMC Plan

Incl. App Design


Event Material

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